Healing Is A Journey

Welcome to my blogsite! This is a great platform for me to express myself both creatively and personally.

I started writing a little poetry years ago and just recently started writing again. On this site, I plan to write a combination of short stories both fictional and true, poetry, inspirational quotes, and a little bit of philosophy.

Life is a journey. We all experience both good and bad things in life. Sometimes we can experience things in our life that can be painful. We can choose to hold onto our pain or we can let it go. When we release our pain it heals us.

I personally have been on a healing path to wellness for sometime now. This is my healing journey I am sharing not only to help myself to continue to heal and find closure but I hope to help others who need healing as well by sharing my story slowly in bits and pieces thru my writing.

I am not a medical doctor or licensed therapist. I am just a person like everyone else who has a story to tell. I have learned alot from my life experiences and wanted to share what I have learned personally with others.

Thank you for stopping by my webpage! I hope you enjoy my writing.

I also have an Instagram account and Facebook page called PositiveVibes where I post and reshare inspirational videos, positive and inspirational quotes, poetry, thought provoking and spiritual philosophy, and lyrics from songs which I find uplifting. Namaste šŸ™





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